Kern teksten

Regels bij de beoefening van Taiji  Quan
( Tai Chi Chuan)


1. Verkrijg statische kalmte en rust.
2. Taiji boxing vereist dat je je eerst afsluit van afleiding.
3. Concentreer op het taiji boxing.
4. Visualiseer de bewegingen.
5. Oefen op een rustige plaats.
6. Probeer de bewegingen één voor één te begrijpen.
7. Begrijp de principes van het openen en sluiten.
-  Om zo de basisvoorwaarden van de taiji te begrijpen.
-  En zodoende een goede houding in het taijispel te krijgen.
-  En zo een snelle toegang tot de taiji stemming te komen.
8. Word zacht, zachter, zachtst van binnen uit
-  Word bewust van goede Qi
-  Goede Qi is fijne Energie en is zacht
-  Harde energie is niet goed.
-  Hardheid leidt tot spanningen.
-  Bewustzijn en lichaam worden door energie gestuurd.
-  Deze energie Qi moet zacht, zachter en  zachtst worden.
9. Licht lopen en licht bewegen en leren dat inspanning met lichtheid verkregen kan worden.

Dus beginnende taiji beoefenaars moeten hard werken in de zachte woorden. Daarom moeten beginners starten met zeer losse, lichte en heel zachte bewegingen.


Er zijn twee betekenissen:

Leer taiji boxing maar wordt niet ongeduldig
Bij het algemeen leren van Chinees boksen, heeft men vaak de dringende noodzaak
dit snel te leren, vooral de Form.
Zoals iedereen weet is snelheid goed, maar heeft geen voordeel en nadeel.
Zoals het spreekwoord zegt:
“haast maakt afval”, ” werk bewust en geconcentreerd.”
Beginners moeten leren om langzaam te denken met concentratie.
Dat wil zeggen, leren taiji boksen is geleidelijk,  stap voor stap.
Omgekeerd, als de beginners te laks zijn dan is de toekomst gebonden aan hand-,
voet stoornis bij taiji boksen, de traagheid draait en na verloop van tijd
wordt het begrijpen van zachtheid  moeilijk en corrigeren wordt moeilijk.

De Stroom

Qi stroomt altijd in overvloed.
Richting maakt niets uit.
Naar boven, naar onder, opzij of naar voor.
Net als water kruipt qi door de kleinste poriën naar binnen.
Zijn kracht kan een berg splijten.
En het kan het gewas laten groeien.
Alleen het ego kan de qi stroom belemmeren, stagneren en doen ophouden.
Ontspan schouders zodat qi kan stromen naar je handen en hoofd.
Ontspan de bekken zodat de qi kan zinken en de borrelende bron gevoelt kan worden.
Relax de mind.
Open de 3 grote poorten voor de 3 grote dantiens.
Breng rust in de adem en laat de postduif uit zijn kooi.
Hij weet zijn weg…
Het ego verwart de duif alleen maar.

Wordt vervolgt…

Lied van de dertien houdingen


by Unknown Author
as researched by Lee N. Scheele

The Thirteen Postures should not be taken lightly;
the source of the postures is in the waist.

Be mindful of the interchange between insubstantial and substantial;
The ch’i circulates throughout the body without hindrance.

Be still,
when touched by the opponent,
be tranquil and move in stillness;
changes caused by my opponent fill him with wonder.

Study the function of each posture carefully and with deliberation;
to achieve the goal is very easy.

Pay attention to the waist at all times;
completely relax the abdomen
and the ch’i rises up.

When the tailbone is centered and straight,
the shen [spirit of vitality] goes through to the headtop.

To make the whole body light and agile
suspend the headtop.

Carefully study.

Extension and contraction, opening and closing, should be natural.

To enter the door and be shown the way,
you must be orally taught.
Practice should be uninterrupted,
and technique achieved by self study.

Speaking of the body and its function, what is the standard?

The I [mind-intent] and ch’i are king,
and the bones and muscles are the court.

Think over carefully what the final purpose is:
to lengthen life and maintain youth.

The Song consists of 140 characters;
each character is true and the meaning is complete.

If you do not study in this manner,
then you will waste your time and sigh with regret.


Attributed to T’an Meng-hsien
as researched by Lee N. Scheele

The Song of Peng

What is the meaning of Peng energy?
It is like the water supporting a moving boat.
First sink the ch’i to the tan-t’ien,
then hold the head as if suspended from above.
The entire body is filled with springlike energy,
opening and closing in a very quick moment.
Even if the opponent uses a thousand pounds of force,
he can be uprooted and made to float without difficulty.

The Song of Lu

What is the meaning of Lu energy?
Entice the opponent toward you by allowing him to advance,
lightly and nimbly follow his incoming force
without disconnecting and without resisting.
When his force reaches its farthest extent,
it will naturally become empty.
The opponent can then be let go or countered at will.
Maintain your central equilibrium
and your opponent cannot gain an advantage.

The Song of Chi

What is the meaning of Chi energy?
There are two aspects to its functional use:
The direct way is to go to meet the opponent
and attach gently in one movement.
The indirect way is to use the reaction force
like the rebound of a ball bouncing off a wall, or
a coin thrown on a drumhead,
bouncing off with a ringing sound.

The Song of An

What is the meaning of An energy?
When applied it is like flowing water.
The substantial is concealed in the insubstantial.
When the flow is swift it is difficult to resist.
Coming to a high place, it swells and fills the place up;
meeting a hollow it dives downward.
The waves rise and fall,
finding a hole they will surely surge in.

The Song of Ts’ai

What is the meaning of Ts’ai energy?
It is like the weight attached to the beam of a balance scale.
Give free play to the opponent’s force
no matter how heavy or light,
you will know how heavy or light it is after weighing it.
To push or pull requires only four ounces,
one thousand pounds can also be balanced.
If you ask what the principle is,
the answer is the function of the lever.

The Song of Lieh

What is the meaning of Lieh energy?
It revolves like a spinning disc.
If something is thrown onto it,
it will immediately be cast more than ten feet away.
Have you not seen a whirlpool form in a swift flowing stream?
The waves roll in spiraling currents.
If a falling leaf drops into it,
it will suddenly sink from sight.

The Song of Chou

What is the meaning of Chou energy?
Its method relates to the Five Elements.
Yin and Yang are divided above and below.
Insubstantiality and substantiality must be clearly distinguished.
Joined in unbroken continuity,
the opponent cannot resist the posture.
Its explosive pounding is especially fearsome.
When one has mastered the six kinds of energy,
the applications become unlimited.

The Song of K’ao

What is the meaning of K’ao energy?
Its method is divided into the shoulder and back technique.
In Diagonal Flying Posture use shoulder,
but within the shoulder technique
there is also some use of the back.
Once you have the opportunity and can take advantage of the posture,
the technique explodes like pounding a pestle.
Carefully maintain your own center.
Those who lose it will have no achievement.


by Unknown Author
as researched by Lee N. Scheele

Be conscientious in PengLuChi, and An.

Upper and lower coordinate,
and the opponent finds it difficult to penetrate.

Let the opponent attack with great force;
use four ounces to deflect a thousand pounds.

Attract to emptiness and discharge;
Zhan, Lian, Nian, Sui,
no resisting no leting go.